Louisiana Supports Fair Treatment for All: Statewide Polling Summary

A statewide poll conducted by the LSU Public Policy Research Lab shows overwhelming support for fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Louisiana. Results of the poll were made public in December 2013. Support was consistent across various demographics, including race, political party, age and region.

The following three questions relating to LGBT people were commissioned by Equality Louisiana, Capital City Alliance and Louisiana Progress:

Should employers other than churches or religious organizations be able to fire employees because they are gay or transgender?

YES: 7.8% NO: 89.3% DON’T KNOW: 2.9%
Democrats: 92.0% NO Republicans: 85.9% NO Independents: 87.4% NO
White: 87.7% NO Black: 91.0% NO

Should people be evicted or denied housing because they are gay or transgender?

YES: 5.1% NO: 93.7% DON’T KNOW: 2.7%
Democrats: 94.6% NO Republicans: 93.2% NO Independents: 92.9% NO
White: 92.3% NO Black: 95.5% NO

Should schools protect gay and transgender students from bullying and harassment?

YES: 89.5% NO: 7.5% DON’T KNOW: 3.1%
Democrats: 94.0% YES Republicans: 85.4% YES Independents: 89.0% YES
White: 88% YES Black: 92.5% YES

 It is clear that the citizens of Louisiana are in favor of equality and fairness, and now we have the numbers to prove it. – Tim S. West, President of EQLA